About Us

Located in Nashville, TN, NEwO Consulting is a leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face marketing and sales services. Our clients are in a wide range of industries, such as telecommunications, fiber optics, cellular, and satellite broadcasting–to name a few! By employing professional sales and marketing specialists who work directly on our clients’ behalf, NEwO Consulting produces tangible results.

At NEwO Consulting, we depend on each team member to exceed their career goals, both short and long-term. We do not expect anyone to have a refined set of management skills when brought on board. Still, we believe that some of the most necessary and useful skills can be learned through perseverance and a positive attitude.

Our WordPress blog was created to showcase our top performers, offer leadership and success tips, and recap our philanthropy events. NEwO Consulting strives to stay true to our core values of character, honesty, integrity, and generosity in all that we do. In this spirit, we promise to make a continuous effort to positively impact our communities each year through active volunteer work and charitable giving. Get to know our culture on Instagram!