Celebrating the Start of the 2021 NFL Season

Celebrating the Start of the 2021 NFL Season

Why is a marketing and sales firm writing about the NFL? Because at NEwO Consulting, we feel a direct connection with the National Football League. We’re both competitive, team-focused, and always sharply dressed. Today, we want to showcase these similarities and bring to light the why behind our core values of loyalty, competitiveness, and integrity.

Football is America’s favorite sport, and it is easy to see why. Each player and coach walk onto the field before each game with a determination you don’t see anywhere else. They all know that they are about to give their all and will walk away at the end, win or lose, with their heads held high. This mentality resonates with us at NEwO Consulting. You see, we motivate our team members to start and end each day with the same level of enthusiasm and energy. Your goals will only be met if you have the stamina and determination to push all the way to the end. If you give up when the going gets tough, then you’ll never move forward. Our leaders gain motivation week after week as they cheer on their favorite teams. There is loyalty within their ranks, and it is inspiring to see them work together toward a common goal!

NEwO Consulting is a growing company. We are looking to expand and have been hiring regularly. One characteristic we look for in candidates is a healthy competitive edge. To excel in our business, you can’t be comfortable with complacency. Similarly, athletes in the NFL are working to be better competitors game after game. They can’t settle for “okay.” Champions know that to win, you have to compete with yourself. The Tennessee Titan’s veteran receiver, Julio Jones, said it best recently when he said, “At the end of the day, the only person stopping me is me, and that’s it. It’s just me working on myself.”

As you may have guessed, our team is pulling for the Titans! With Coach, Mike Vrabel, at the helm, we are confident that they will gain the momentum needed to be the Super Bowl LVI champions. On top of them being our home team, this group of athletes works with integrity, which is a characteristic true to our hearts. While we are always looking to exceed our clients’ expectations, what’s most vital is that we maintain our integrity and work diligently to help the members of our community.

Who knew that a small business and the NFL had so much in common? We did! As the season continues, we plan on staying glued to the tv to A: cheer on our Titans and B: pick up some more mentality tips. We aim to be the best and believe that we have to surround ourselves with the best for this to happen, even if that means keeping up to date with all things American football!

If you’re as sports addicted as we are, we encourage you to apply to one of our open positions! You can visit our LinkedIn profile or email your resume to hr@newoconsulting.com!

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