Tackling a Career at NEwO Consulting

Tackling a Career at NEwO Consulting

Whether you’re preparing for graduation or are a seasoned employee, tackling the current job market is challenging. While there are many open positions, there is an equal if not more number of applicants. Standing out amongst your peers has never been more difficult. However, this goes both ways. Businesses are advertising their open positions on job boards, social media, and around college campuses. With the market this hot, it’s more important now than ever to find the best candidates to meet with. Our recruiting team here at NEwO Consulting understands this and is eager to throw our hat in the ring!

Today, we are going to shed some light on who we are, what we do, what we offer our team members, and our current available opportunities. If you’re on the hunt for a business that will put you and your professional development first, read on!

Who We Are

To start, let’s focus on our mission statement.

NEwO Consulting’s mission is to continue our clients’ expansion while providing career advancement for our team. We are adamant about offering opportunities for individuals who truly want to achieve their goals.

We like to say that we are a people-helping-people business, meaning we are team-focused. When employed at NEwO Consulting, you are a part of a family, and family cares about one another. Our interview process consists of multiple rounds where candidates meet with our recruitment and management teams; this allows the candidate plenty of time to do research and ask questions. It also gives us a chance to see if this individual will thrive in our company. We are selective about who we offer positions to because maintaining a work environment that is supportive, positive, and productive is our top priority!

What We Do

As a leading marketing and sales firm in Nashville, TN, we focus on customer acquisition and satisfaction for our clients. With our direct marketing approach, we create long-lasting relationships between both parties. The types of personalities that we tend to see thrive in this industry are upbeat, eager to learn, up for a challenge, excellent with people, and detail-oriented. If you don’t have experience working directly with customers, don’t fret! We have an extensive training program geared to help our entry-level employees build the skills necessary for them to excel.

What We Offer

On top of our training program, we also offer our people one-on-one mentorship, networking opportunities, and internal growth. We are a merit-based business and offer growth to those willing to put in the work to hit their goals!

Currently, we are hiring for the following opportunities.

  • Sales Consultant
  • Management Program
  • Marketing and Sales Intern

At NEwO Consulting, we understand our clients’ expectations and know that to exceed them, we need to welcome a few new members to our team. While we know that you have options, we urge you to do your research! Tour our website, scroll through our Instagram feed, or even give us a call at (615) 576-2837. We are offering the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t miss out!

To submit your resume for consideration, email it to us at hr@newoconsulting.com!

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