Meet Our Director of Human Resources, Elizabeth Harrington

Meet Our Director of Human Resources, Elizabeth Harrington

NEwO Consulting’s Director of Human Resources & Recruiting, Elizabeth Harrington, joined the team in September of 2020. At just twenty-three, Harrington always knew she would end up working with people. “I knew human resources would be a fit for me,” says Harrington, “I’ve always loved people. When I was younger, I thought I would be a lawyer because I like to argue. I guess my love of people superseded my love for argument.” After graduating from high school, Harrington went on to study social psychology and organizational behavior at UC San Diego. “I studied at a top research school,” says Harrington, “I had the opportunity to make friends with some brilliant people from all over the world. Living in a foreign country for a while through a study abroad program pushed me to be more open-minded and resilient; all of my college experiences help make me aware of what is truly important to me.” Elizabeth Harrington’s greatest accomplishment is her college degree and her experience as a woman in STEM. “I had to figure out what I brought to the table,” says Harrington, “Taking physics, calculus, and coding classes while sometimes working 30 hours a week, I was always a little out of my comfort zone. I learned how to bounce back from countless setbacks and came out with a much better understanding of what I’m capable of.”

Aside from a genuine love of people, what makes Elizabeth Harrington such a proficient recruiter? Her faith in future leaders. “I believe that everyone is good and has potential within them,” says Harrington, “that drives me to take risks on people that others might not take. I’m thorough, consistent, and to be honest, I love a good data spreadsheet.” Speaking of spreadsheets, there is a large misconception around recruiting, that it is 100% social skills. In reality, it takes self-discipline and drive, which Harrington credits to her experience in a competitive marching band. “I would describe my marching band as a competitive military-style band,” says Harrington, “I feel like people don’t realize that it’s a really athletic and competition-based team sport! It’s high-stress and strives for consistency and perfection. The basis of what I’ve learned about leadership and motivating others is from that environment.”

Since joining NEwO Consulting, Elizabeth Harrington has had her fair share of growth moments, challenging and rewarding. “I’ve been given an opportunity to grow quickly,” says Harrington, “I found it difficult to be concise and quick. If I had it my way, I would get to know everyone through lots and lots of conversations, but sometimes you have about ten seconds to pitch a potential candidate. It’s something I’ve had to get used to, but I’ve taken it in stride.”

Passionate about helping others, Harrington has found the greatest fulfillment in her ability to connect with someone and align their career with their strengths. A career in business is far from boring, and no two days are the same. “I love that this industry keeps me on my toes,” says Harrington, “I think it’s healthy always to be adapting to new changes and challenges. Every day is a chance to make the right connection and to give someone a chance to make a living by doing what they’re good at.”

In the next five years, NEwO Consulting’s Elizabeth Harrington has simple goals- do good. “I see myself hopefully in a position to do good in my community,” says Harrington, “I want to help people work in a field they can find success in. I also think I’ll have a few more national parks crossed off my list.” Her game plan to achieve these goals? Take it one step at a time and lay the groundwork for your foundation.

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